i'm a professional photographer based in finland, europe. my pro work mainly covers motorcycles and cars. having said that, i do like to shoot interesting people as well for recreation. please join me for some of the work i've done so far.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Chopper Make's latest invention is called "Brown Sugar". It's a mind blowing piece of two wheel art. No wonder it's been getting recognized everywhere it goes. We shot the bike on our way back from the Copenhagen Custom Bike Show. We found this cool old castle somewhere in Sweden which provided us with the nice background. Presented in Kopteri magazine Finland and GASOLINE Sweden.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Twin Cam-Pari

This beautiful bike got christened Twin Cam-Pari due to the famous Italian beverage being the source of its inspiration. Built by Kalle Lilja from Riverside Cycles. Presented in Kopteri magazine Finland and MCM magazine Sweden.

Teemu's Time Piece

I really dig this sikle. Teemu has in the past built some of the coolest bikes around. This time he opted for something that might've landed from a 60's chopper movie. The shots turned out pretty cool too. Presented in Kopteri Magazine Finland, GKM (cover) UK and GASOLINE magazine Sweden.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Atom Nucleus.

This is my personal ride The Atom Nucleus. Built by Martin Grön of SnowFlake Customs fame. It was a beat up Sporty that i found in the States a long time ago. Legend has it that it was drowned during the big New Orleans flood, resqued by me. Took us 15 months to build. All hand made. Sure, it's different and it won't prob satisfy everyone's lame taste. Guess what. Go fuck urself. Presented in Kopteri magazine Finland, MCM magazine Sweden, GASOLINE magazine Sweden and KUSTOM magazine France & Italy.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ali has been building choppers since the 70's. His latest sikle, "Jupiter", has won pretty much every single chopper show here in Finland this summer. He took three trophies in Sweden, Nortelje, and will take the bike to Germany next spring for the World Championships. Jupiter is completely hand made. The amount of hand made parts are just mind blowing. Spending over 1000 hours on the bike, it is a testament to Finnish craftsmanship. Kopteri 112 centrefold.

Jens's Ironhead is a totally unique sikle. It looks great but it's the inside of the machine what makes this ride so special. Packed with ultra rare go-fast-parts from the 70's makes it REALLY special. Published in Gasoline (Sweden), Kopteri (Finland) and Showclass (US).

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

make's chopper.

Make is a master builder from Helsinki Finland. This PanShovel is one mind blowing bike! The bike is full of brilliant details, without being over the top. I shot the Harley on a very cloudy day which made the session pretty hard. Published in Kopteri (Finland).