i'm a professional photographer based in finland, europe. my pro work mainly covers motorcycles and cars. having said that, i do like to shoot interesting people as well for recreation. please join me for some of the work i've done so far.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

katri's yamaha.

another great bike from the kiiski chaps. this 70's yamaha is one great looking jap. published in Kopteri (Finland).

juice's thruxton trump.

this trump is fast! sporting an odd number of original triumph thruxton parts it sure spins the wheel. and it looks pretty mean as well! i shot juice's trumpet near the kiiski clubhouse where the guys build some of the best choppers in finland at the mo. just my humble opinion. Published in Kopteri (Finland).

Friday, 15 June 2012

john's shiny shovel.

i don't know why but i really like john's bike. it's got all the right elements. slim, shiny and shovel. plus a really super paint job by kendall. i've never been to chicago where john lives, but this great looking bike is right at home in the blazing sun of the daytona beach. john's sikle was featured in kopteri nr. 98. dig it.

copper mike's knuckle.

this cool knuckle was born in brooklyn, new york.  this street wise knuckle is lean and clean, made for the busy streets of the big apple. it runs on knuckle top and shovel bottom. the copper plated frame is a copper mike trademark. i shot the sikle at a forgotten trailer graveyard in daytona, florida. it was the centerfold for kopteri mag nr 96.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

teemu's honda.

i shot teemu's honda cafe racer in the fading autumn light. the brownish colour went nicely with the fallen leaves on the ground. whenever teemu builds something it's bound to be great. this honda isn't just a great looking caff it's also super fast! teemu's honda was featured in kopteri mag nr 104.

lock's rad knuckle.

lock baker is a master builder from new york. lock is one of the most warm hearted people you can come across. he makes art from pretty much anything. this mind blowing knucklehead must be the most radical chopper i've ever witnessed. lock's knuckle was the cover and centerfold in kopteri mag nr 93.

vesa's -38 flathead.

vesa äyräs is a master chopper builder from finland. his flathead chopper is pretty much spot on. nothing on this bike is bolt on. i shot his sikle in nortelje sweden in the afternoon sun. in my opinion you can't built it any better than this. vesa's flathead chopper was the cover and centerfold in kopteri mag nr 90.

janne's triumph chopper.

janne is one of the original chopper riders from finland. he built choppers way back in the early 70's when everyone else seemed to be riding wimpy japanese factory bikes. needless to say he didn't quite get along with the law enforcement officers. after nearly 30 years he's back on the road with his triumph chopper. respect. the triumph was featured in kopteri mag nr 100.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

garagecompanycustoms pan.

i shot this great looking pan in daytona florida. yet to be published.

kendall's trump.

i shot kendall's award winning trumpet in daytona at the limpnickie lot skate park. a great chap and a wonderful bike indeed. it was featured in the cover of kopteri mag nr 103.

hux's trump.

hux is a professional drummer and a bike rider from stockholm, sweden. this great little triumph was featured in the centerfold of kopteri mag nr 102.

juha lensu's nice pan.

juha lensu is a finnish bike builder from lappeenranta. this super clean pan was the cover and centerfold in kopteri mag nr 105. i shot his pan in his hometown. we had 5 minutes of sun in which time i did the shooting. talk about fast.